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Logue Corporate focuses on the mergers and acquisition of security companies and cleaning companies on behalf of selected clients. Established in 1997, Logue Corporate, is a division of Interconnective Limited, a products and services supplier in the support services sector. As a service to the security industry Logue Corporate produces the well known and award winning security industry news website Infologue.com. Logue Services include:


We facilitate the acquisition of facilities services businesses, especially the acquisition of security companies and cleaning companies, on behalf of clients. Our key area of focus is the identification of security companies and cleaning companies that are acquisition targets to enable our clients to meet their strategic growth objectives. Increasingly we are assisting in cross sector acquisitions, for instance cleaning companies wishing to enter the security guarding sector. Read on »


Founded in 1997, Infologue.com was the first security industry internet news provider and has consistently been at the forefront of using innovative methods in dispensing the latest news to the security industry. We have also initiated well known and successful industry campaigns such as Four Issues One Voice and Make the Change campaigns, which were designed to highlight areas of concern for the industry. In 2006, Infologue.com Editor, Bobby Logue was recognised for his efforts in this regard when he received the initial Skills for Security Special Award for Outstanding Contribution to the Security Business Sector. Read on »

Logue Corporate News

2017 has been dominated by the sale of NOONAN to Bidvest, the South African services, trading and distribution giant writes Interconnective’s Bobby Logue. This can only be viewed as a positive acquisition, which will allow NOONAN to continue to flourish as a market leader within the private security industry. Read on »

Bobby Logue - Principal, Logue Corporate

Bobby Logue – Principal, Logue Corporate

Bobby Logue,  Principal – Logue Corporate, believes that 2017 is going to provide exciting challenges for the UK private security services industry.

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It is clear that there needs to be a dialogue opened between the Regulated Security Industry and the Security Industry Authority.

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