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2016 – Will be Interesting and Challenging

Bobby Logue – Principal, Logue Corporate

Bobby Logue,  Principal – Logue Corporate, believes that’s 2016 is going to be both interesting and challenging for the UK private security services industry.

He writes: “End users are going to take a long hard look at how they protect their businesses. The statutory minimum living wage increases will begin to bite over the next four years and at some during this period a tipping point will be reached. This will move end users towards solutions based protection. In terms of Logue Corporate’s M&A activities we believe we will be busy.”

“Key challenges are likely to be:

  • Prevention from the Threat of Terrorism:
  • The National Living Wage (ala George Osborne):
  • The Review of the SIA:
  • The Practice of Contract Churn to Reduce Costs:
  • Significant Travel & Subsistence Scheme Changes”

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